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         I was born and raised in Massachusetts.  Like so many hardy New Englanders, I got tired of shoveling snow, slipping on icy steps to fall and crack my backside, and generally freezing my butt off so I moved to Florida. I now live and write in Saint Petersburg, Florida. 

          I am married to a beautiful and wonderful woman, Gina, and like any good woman does, she makes me a better man.  Sappy, yes, but it does seem like things just keep getting better and better since we've been together.  We spend our free time chasing our precocious little two-year-old daughter Sofia around the house, playground, grocery store, and just about any where else we let her explore.

          My passion for writing began at the ripe old age of 13, when I wrote several hundred pages of a fantasy novel and submitted it to a major publishing house.  Of course it was terribly written and didn't stand a chance of being published.  The publisher thought it warranted a response, however, and obliged me with a well formed letter, thoughtfully telling me in so many nice words the submitted work didn't fit with their current objectives of publishing quality prose.  That they took the time to address me professionally as Dear Author was extremely gracious and indeed very gratifying to be included in such auspicious company. 

          I jest, of course, for what writer hasn't received a form rejection letter?  I drifted away from writing through most of my teen years, being far too caught up with sports and chasing girls (a sport all its own), a much more rewarding past time (so I believed).  Life happens though, and for one reason or another I never seriously came back to writing until my early thirties.  I had just been laid off and had a little money set aside and decided to finally chase my dream.  I took a year off and wrote, guess what?  A fantasy novel.  Yet again, this was met with similar responses from both major and minor houses. 

          Nonetheless, I kept writing, and find myself finally being published.  That my first published piece is a romantic comedy and not a fantasy novel is surprising to me.  I never thought I would enjoy writing in that genre. But in fact the idea had germinated so long that I wrote it in just a few months.  I suspect that letting the idea marinate for as long as I did probably helped.

          I still write fantasy and am working on book two of The Last Defender series, something I think has the potential to be special.  As with all our children we have high hopes, and I am certainly not immune to such irrational thinking, though I do expect to publish book two in the coming year.  Also, rounding out my published works is The Ghost of Shelly Dee, a Paranormal Mystery for Middle Grade Readers and up.