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A Would-Be Author's Business Plan?

          Getting published is a very singular process we as writers go through in order to achieve the success we so desperately crave.  Anyone who has ever submitted writing to more than one potential publisher will tell you it can be a time consuming and frustrating event.  You see, every publisher has their own rules for submission, what they affectionately call Guidelines.  And while most Guidelines all require a query letter, synopsis, and some sample portion of the book for consideration, they almost always want it in a different format, font, alignment, page headers or no page headers, the list of minute changes can go on and on.  Every once in a while one asks for something truly unique.  In the case of Whiskey Creek Press, they requested I include a marketing/business plan I would adopt should I be granted a contract.  While they aren't the only publisher to ask for such a plan, I came across them just at a time when I was particularly frustrated by the submission process as a whole.  In fact, I was so put off that I orginally decided not to submit to them, simply because I didn't want the added hassle.  However, my book fell too closely within the parameters of Whiskey Creek Press' purview.  I decided I would be foolish not to submit to them.  Thank goodness I did!  And since my story was a comedy, I decided to have a little fun with the plan.  Here it is, in its entirety and un-edited, below:

The Actual Plan, Un-edited

A Business Plan


Finding Love at First Sight

By Joel Borelli

A Contemporary Romantic Comedy

75,805 Words


I have no previous published works, and therefore don’t know if what I’m suggesting are industry standards or whimsical desires of a would-be author.  I ask in advance that you please excuse my ignorance.


Pre-Publication Checklist


ü      Create Author/Book Website

ü      Include an Interactive “chat room” feature

ü      Market website using Google Adwords

ü      In general try to create a buzz for book release

ü      Send copies to industry critics and authors for jacket quotes


Post-Publication Checklist


ü      Initiate Book Signing Tour

ü      Attend Industry events

ü      Appear on TV/Radio shows to promote book


Post-Celebrity Checklist


ü      Buy a Harley for image

ü      Drink to excess driven by paranoia

ü      Date Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and any or all of the Kardashians, in no particular order and with increasingly spectacular public break-ups

ü      Undergo treatment for Sex Addiction and Alcoholism simultaneously

ü      File for bankruptcy

ü      Slip into obscurity

ü      Emerge from obscurity to publish 2nd hit novel entitled Happily Ever After

ü      Start again with pre-publication checklist