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The Dragon's Eye - Book 2 of The Last Defender Series

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I am a Defender of the Citadel. Once, that would have meant something. Now the Citadel is but a shadow of its former self, and I may be its last remaining hope, because I wear the Defender’s magical ring. I may be nothing more than a hazy vision of its lost glory, like the waves of heat shimmering above its smoldering ashes. Perhaps I am simply a legend that refuses to die. Either way I am sworn. I am compelled by my ring to go where the Mother requires.

Now my ring draws me to the far away kingdom of Ishalem, and into the presence of a young man. I arrive in time to save this young man from a band of cutthroats attempting to steal information that would lead to the recovery of the Dragon’s Eye. This powerful talisman is one I am familiar with from an age gone by. It was once the amulet to the long-dead wizard Carmodan. It is the second such talisman to resurface, and yet another ill portent of the times.

The young man is Krane, the Second Prince of Ishalem, and what is more, he is one of the Gifted, a wizard, though new to his power. Against his father’s wishes, and my advice, Krane slips away in search of the Dragon’s Eye on his own. I must follow. My ring leaves me no other choice and madness should I wander. Thus, I am led first to Ravens Roost, where magical ravens even my long memory cannot recollect, prey upon the unwary. They offer truth to any question. But their words are deceptive and come at a price. If I am able to pay that price, I may escape their deadly wordplay and leave with the information I need to find the Dragon’s Eye.

I know what I must do. The obstacles before me may be the most difficult I have faced in my many lifetimes. Yet face them I must. I am Varke Hai. The Last Defender. May the Mother protect and deliver me.