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The Ghost of Shelly Dee
A Paranormal Mystery for Middle Grade Readers & Up

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Drew sees ghosts. It all begins with seeing his recently deceased parents. Already struggling to adjust as the new kid at Athens High School, Drew is now the troubled orphan who must find a way to fit in; to a new town, new school, and now a life where the dead wont let him live in peace. His new friend Jen, pretty and smart, wants to help, but struggles as her feelings for Drew grow.

The ghost of Shelly Dee has haunted Athens High School since her suicide forty years ago. Yet Drew’s new paranormal abilities reveal a more sinister design at work in the sleepy little town. Their adventures pit them against creepy Shadow People, evil Soul Suckers, and the menacing specter of Jasper Wyatt. Will Drew and Jen solve the mystery of Shelly Dee or will they end up victims themselves?